FREE Inside Sales (Telesales) Management Conference Call

What Makes an Inside Sales

Group Really Tick

in Good Times or Bad

The Secrets of Achieving Consistently High Performance

WHEN: Friday August 21st at 11:00 AM PST

Length: Probably 1 hour +

This no-fluff webinar will discuss the key factors that drive an inside sales group to perform at the very highest levels in good times or bad. I am going to discuss four critical areas of managing inside groups that will allow you to achieve maximum results.

Whatever your skill level as a manager I am going to give you “to-do” items that will increase your results immediately if implemented. (I am not saying that what I suggest will be easy, just that it works!)

I expect to run about an hour and 95% of that time will be valuable content not babble. I know how disappointing it is to go to most teleconferences and listen to the speaker babble about things that don’t have value for the first third of the session – I promise you it won’t happen on this call. This power-packed event that I believe will blow you away!

Section 1 A brief introduction


Section 2 – Leadership

In this section I will discuss the necessity for great leadership and give a personal example of what I did, and the key things you must do to lead an average team to and incredible performance. I will show you why trading managing activities for leadership ones makes incredible sense.

Section 3 – Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

In this section of the conference call I will help you to understand why this particular asset is so critically important to you. I will also tell you exactly what makes a great USP.

Section 4 – Your Sales Process

Here I will discuss the importance of a well thought out and documented sales process. I will show you how failure to document your process in detail is killing inside group’s performance by prohibiting the downward flow of selling best practices.

Section 5 – Telephone and Sales Skills Training

The most important part of achieving top levels of performance is regular training. In this section of the call I will show you why you need to be doing your own internal sales skills training and NOT hiring expensive outside trainers until you’ve got a workable training system in place internally. I will also show you a solution to training your folks that produces better results than outside resources and cost pennies per person (Lifetime cost, not event cost) by comparison.

Section 6: Question & Answer

I will answer questions at the end of my presentation.

If you wish to attend…

Advanced registration is required and seats are limited.



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